Conventional Gulf Coast

Robertson Energy’s operations are primarily focused in South Louisiana, and we are actively looking at opportunities for expansion in other areas throughout Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana. We have assembled a seasoned team of industry professionals with specialized expertise in the Gulf Coast Basin. We will continue to grow our asset base through property acquisitions and proprietary drilling opportunities.

Our Strategy

Applying State-of-the-Art Scientific Methods to all Phases of Oil and Gas Development

Robertson Energy’s objective is simple – economically extract oil and natural gas in growing quantities. Utilizing state-of-the-art methods and technology, Robertson Energy has targeted the Gulf Coast Basin as the area that presents us the best opportunity to meet our primary objective.

We are singularly focused on onshore and shallow water conventional properties or drilling opportunities where our team’s unique skillset can be utilized most effectively, thereby allowing us to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns.

Our geotechnical, engineering, operating, and financial teams complement one another in a collaborative way to drive our Company’s growth.

Join our team.

Robertson is always looking for talented, motivated team members to help grow our business.

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